September - Corb Lund

Stay with me through September, summer didn’t last, And there ain’t nobody in New York City, Could need you half as bad… The music video for “September”, the yearning first single from JUNO Award-winning artist Corb Lund’s seventh album “Cabin Fever”, marks the 5th collaboration between Crowsnest Films’ producer John Kerr, director Trevor Smith, and Lund, a fourth-generation Albertan rancher, former member of the punk/metal band the smalls, 7-time Canadian Country Music Association Roots Artist of the Year Award-winner, and rising Americana songwriter. MTV The Hive said of Corb Lund, “His songs sometimes seem like the soundtrack to a Western directed by Quentin Tarantino.” Since Tarantino was too busy, we set out to create a distinctly Albertan and haunting Rocky Mountain vision of the solitary cowboy, broken-hearted, and preparing for a cold winter of solitude. The woman, now off to New York to fulfill her dreams, is a vision of August and things past. She’s just a memory that never turns her face back to us—always leaving over the hill. Corb, our hero and songwriter, on occasion imagines himself in New York, but the image never matches his fantasy. It’s alien, full of glass and steel, and his love is nowhere to be found. Instead, he is left to the tasks of the ranch, riding alone, and singing solo on a worn out porch. He rides the fence line, steers cattle, and crests hill upon hill of empty meadows. All the time the indifferent and ancient Rocky Mountains look on. They’ve seen this story a hundred times before. Man and horse, and a sad country song for the solution…

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