For over 20 years, Crowsnest Films and its founder John Kerr have been translating vital human experiences into image, word, and sound.

John is 4th generation Albertan, descended from a long line of innovators, entrepreneurs, cowboys, and coal miners. As a multiple-award-winning producer, writer, and director, he brings an activist spirit to each project: the work and its impact comes first, while the success of the collective takes precedence over individual accolades.

On each project, John is driven to work with great people, to make something beautiful and to find something true. At a time when it can feel hard to speak from the heart, John voices and stands for justice, care, and authenticity through human-driven cinematic storytelling.

John is a creator not only in the sense of someone who has ideas and thinks big, but also a manager in the sense of someone who holds everyone accountable and makes things happen, constantly striving to do the right thing, while finding innovative ways to get things done.

Working with Crowsnest Films

Crowsnest Films is in the business of storytelling. Our ultimate product is a life enriched by memorable stories.

We know that some voices and stories in our society are marginalized and repressed. We strive to give platform and power to those voices and to create a working culture where each of us can freely share the best of ourselves—to the inevitable benefit of the work.

We’re a trusted partner to advertising agencies, recording artists, management teams, music labels, public relations firms, corporate clients, executive producers, production companies, broadcasters, studios, and brands. We draw together best-in-class teams of development, production, post-production, financing and distribution partners to get things done. We inspire and empower creative people to think big and realize their greatest potential.

Crowsnest Films believes the most important skill a producer can have is the unabashed pursuit of more and greater resources. Sometimes, we must also be able to work creatively to transcend constraints by finding innovative ways to do more with less.

Each work created by Crowsnest Films will be an impactful cinematic portrayal, a reflection of life in pictures, words, sounds and music. It will be human. It will seek to reveal truth and beauty, finding the universal in the everyday.

We work in deep collaboration and respect with our partners and clients, aiming to produce works of consequence while attaining artistic, social and cultural significance in a business fuelled by dreams.

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