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Back in 2012, John Kerr’s friend and colleague, Corey Lee, made a documentary film with the NFB called Legend of a Warrior, which followed his efforts to reconnect with his father, martial arts legend Frank Lee. To do this Corey had to enter Frank’s world, a world where fighting rules. At one point, John was asked to direct the scenes where Corey was to appear on camera. For a variety of reasons, like so many opportunities in film and television, this opportunity was never realized, although Corey and this team went on to make a beautiful film without John’s involvement in the project. A couple of years later, John still wanted to enter that world and make a film about Frank Lee. This is that film.

Grandmaster Frank Lee is one of the world’s most respected and recognized martial artists. A man of many achievements, he is considered a true pioneer in the Western world for introducing White Crane Kung Fu to Canada in the early 60’s and Muay-Thai kickboxing to Canada in the early 70’s. Black Belt Magazine has crowned him the “Father of Kickboxing in North America” and he has helped to popularize these arts worldwide through his experience as a full contact fighter, world class instructor, demonstrator, promoter and matchmaker of full contact competitions. During his 60 years as a martial artist, he has produced many outstanding full contact kickboxing champions who have competed extensively throughout the world. 

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