forever is a long time - the smalls

We all had a tour shirt. At least it seemed that way. That easily identifiable patch on either the crotch or across both breasts. That standard square logo you instantly recognized as the one and only, guaranteed to tear-your-face-off, unique, voice bending, galloping sound of time shifting riffs from the band known as the smalls. In a time before digital visibility and worldwide web accessibility, this band set the standard for excellence in rabid curiosity and enigmatic reputation. Who were these giants in winter boots and John Deere hats?

  • Small town enigmas.
  • Metal. Punk.
  • Country. Jazz.
  • One of a kind.

the smalls were a legendary musical phenomenon. After suddenly saying Goodbye ,Forever at the peak of their success, and 13 years apart, they reformed for one last redemptive tour—closing the loop internally as bandmates, estranged friends, and with their long-adoring fans. Forever is a long time after all. From rekindled beginnings to a sold-out tour coast to coast, this film explores the journey of memory, age, and power of music to erase the years for player and fan alike. Time heals all wounds. The remaining scar is the story to forever cherish and never entirely forget.

This film is really about the wisdom that comes with time, and the recognition that the “glory years” behind us are not to be lamented and missed, but in the case of the smalls– celebrated for the great accomplishments and wide spanning influence on a generation.

They mattered to tens of thousands of young, alienated youth through the 90s – particularly in smaller markets—and did it with accessible grace, attitude, and a stubborn DIY work ethic. This is not a story of failure and glass ceilings, but rather of great success and self-actualization.

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