The ENMAX Creative Strategist screened clips from a backcountry ski film that inspired the concept of everyday images projected onto brand assets. Responding to the brief, we presented the vision for a general concept called “Every Day” which takes the viewer for a journey through urban and rural landscapes where everyday slices of life are projected on ENMAX facilities.

The Client emphasized the importance of “No muffins going into ovens” and we took that as meaning the work must reflect Albertans and energy in an artful, atypical way, void of cliché.

When the discussion turned to the music, we went back to the brief, which stated, “No voices are heard–just a music bed that merges a rootsy expression with the bravery of an electronic/modern base.” John had recently seen Alberta standouts The Royal Foundry perform at the Edmonton Music Prize awards—we simply played their track “Running Away” on a laptop and everyone in the room agreed almost instantly that these were the artists we should be collaborating with and this was the track we should pursue.

The finished spots were a quantum leap for the ENMAX brand. 

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