Connecting You – Christian Bagg - ENMAX

Working under a Master Service Agreement in a single bid scenario and using the idea of “Energy Connects Us” as a starting point, the Client CEO tasked the ENMAX Internal Agency and Crowsnest Films with executing short documentary brand films for the web to correspond with the air date of a brand commercial. Collaborative Brainstorming, Ideation, Research, and Story Casting led us to Adaptive Mountain Bike Creator Christian Bagg and Rick Cruz aka DJ C-SIK. The resulting “Connecting You” short brand films were created from concept to completion and Final Delivery over a 2-week period. This included scheduling, budgeting, planning, casting, producing, directing, shooting, editing, color grading, post-production audio, music, visual effects, script development, storyboarding, and creative collaboration with the ENMAX Internal Agency and Brand Client on all aspects of the filmmaking process from ideation and development through final delivery. Additional versions of the spots were later requested, including :60s, :30s, and :15s for television broadcast and cinema.

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