New Home - ATB

The Internal Agency Creative Brief presented an extension of the ATB Financial core belief that banking can change people’s lives for the better, make their time richer, their aspirations closer, and their happiness deeper. It called for the work to reflect Alberta in an artful and atypical way – authentic but void of Albertan clichés.

We like to call this sort of approach, “cinematic realism.” This style is artful while slightly gritty at the edges. The images should be gorgeous and cinematic but always in a naturalistic way. This work is an authentic representation of everyday life on a ranch, at a brewery, and of a young family moving into a new home.

These are all events full of deep emotions that should both surprise and delight an audience. The more authentic is the work, the more compelling it should be. This is how we create authentic experiences. We are so proud of this work because of the organic approach and how the creative evolved within and beyond the constraints to become these beautiful spots for ATB.

May Family New Home 1
May Family New Home 2

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